Earning a medical degree or license usually requires extensive education and training and most licensing boards require background checks.  If you have invested time and money earning a medical degree and building a reputation within your field, any criminal conviction will have an effect on your California medical license.  If you are pending a criminal action or have been questioned by any administrative agency your medical license is at stake and you need an aggressive and qualified attorney on your side.

  • Accusations
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Criminal Charges and Criminal Convictions
  • Unprofessional Conduct
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Substance Abuse and DUI
  • Probation Modification and Probation Termination

The potential loss of a license is an extremely serious matter and one that requires the most skilled trial and research attorneys around.  At Pilchman & Kay, our attorneys have successfully handled California Medical Board Cases throughout the State of California on behalf of our clients allowing them to maintain all their privileges and rights under their license.

The California Medical License Defense Firm, Pilchman & Kay, PLC is dedicated solely to assisting and representing physicians who are in jeopardy of losing their license or who have been placed on probation or who have already lost their license. Our California Medical License Defense Attorneys will advise you throughout the criminal process, from pre-accusation through negotiation and settlement. Even if a criminal case is never filed, the California Medical Board can revoke or suspend your license. In fact, even if you have an out of state arrest, the California Medical Board can take action on your license. Our website has been created to help physicians understand the disciplinary process and provide useful California Medical Board Information.

California Medical License Termination and Modification of ProbationIf you have had your California Medical License suspended and are on probation, you can petition the board for an early termination of probation and/or modification of your current probationary terms and conditions. Our medical board attorneys will devise a termination or modification plan that gives you the best chance of success in front of the board. We know how strict the medical board can be and how their terms and conditions can have a negative impact on a medical practice. Keep in mind, there is no penalty for petitioning the California Medical Board for an early termination or modification and the process could take up to a year.

When you hire Pilchman & Kay, PLC you hire the best. Our attorneys will represent you at any Medical Board of California investigation or hearing. Our medical license defense firm offers the highest level of experience and success and has established ourselves as the go-to lawyers for anyone in jeopardy of losing their career. Our lawyers are aggressive when necessary but when it comes to handling cases involving the potential loss of a license, skilled negotiations is most effective. Our Southern California based firm prides itself on our stellar reputation among judges, district attorneys, deputy attorney generals and hearing officers. As a result, we are often heard when other attorneys are not. We are creative and think outside the box finding solutions that will allow our clients to maintain their license and continue providing for their families.

Our medical license defense lawyers also handle all criminal charges. Because criminal charges are the basis of licensing issues, it is best to hire a criminal defense attorney who also handles California medical licensing defense cases. Not only is it more cost effective but it also allows provides continuity in the defense and enables the attorney to negotiate (or not) with prosecutors knowing what is in the clients best interest with the State of California Medical Board. The following medical professionals all need competent and aggressive legal defense that criminal defense lawyers Courtney E. Pilchman and Anita A. Kay can provide:


Contact Pilchman & Kay, PLCIf you have been questioned by California Medical Board investigators, DEA, FBI, state or federal agencies or employers regarding possible criminal conduct, you need to take action now! Contact our California Medical Board Defense Firm of Pilchman & Kay, PLC to speak to one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys. We have offices in Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County to best assist our clients. Our California medical license lawyers can guide you so that you know your rights and don’t comment on activities or conduct that may incriminate you. We are here to help and fight for your rights! We handle cases throughout the State of California including Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and San Diego County.

Client Reviews

Testimonial 1

She was amazing! Always supportive and understanding throughout the trial and whole case for that matter.
She never lied to me to make things sound better then they were. She was honest and straight forward.
In court she tore apart the District attorney and the witnesses. I would recommend her to anyone!
Simply amazing and now I am a free man.

Testimonial 2

Miss Courtney is very professional and knowledgeable. She kept inform on what I should and should do and
made it very clear what my rights are. She has given me excellent advise and handled herself in the
courtroom exceptionally well I would definitely recommend her to anyone. She listened to my side of the story
and took into consideration the evidence that was presented.
I have the utmost respect for her and wish her the best.

Testimonial 3

Courtney not only did an incredible job as my lawyer, but she is the very rare attorney who actually cares
about her clients. It goes without saying that we came out ahead, but when I met her, I instantly knew that she was
someone I could trust to get the job done. I never doubted her and she never let me down. I highly
recommend Courtney and her firm Pilchman & Kay.


Courtney was amazing. I was so scared and she helped me understand the charges against me and all my
options. She got a great result. I would not have been able to get through such a stressful time without her.
I was able to reach her on her cell anytime, evening and weekends. You want her on your side.
Criminal defendant


Courtney has represented one of our family members in a case that lasted four years. Her professionalism,
knowledge, thoroughness, and punctuality are few of the traits that impressed us throughout. She was very
diligent and left no rock unturned. She treated this case a personal one and almost made herself a shoulder to cry on.
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